Suicidal thoughts- A love story

The love story of a wounded soul






and slowly death was approaching

the light in her eyes dimmed

darkness danced around the edges of her soul

lost and rejected

with nothing to live for

no one to love

no one to love and hold her

no one to call friend


Sadness  came and comforted her

soon came




Suicidal thoughts

Suicidal Thoughts was her favorite .

He was charming , charismatic , had a way with words  and gave her something no one else gave her: Hope. He  promised her Happiness , Joy , Love and above all Acceptance .He took her to their special place –  tall bridge around the corner and for hours on end they would talk about anything and everything. Sometimes, they would lean over the edge hand in hand ready to take their leap of faith into Utopia. On other days they sat at the edge of the railing and looked at the racing traffic  below their dangling feet . On special days , they stood on the railing prepared to jump. At this point , Fear would interrupt with his senseless endless  theories of how Pain and Death treated people. Fear was one party popper always  out to destroy the firm bond between Suicidal thoughts and her. Like any relationship, time passes and people change and so Suicidal Thoughts started to hang around Attempted Suicide and Self-Harm and so their ensemble grew. Their special place became less of an occasional trip and more of a daily routine.

Fear was faithful

He interrupted

He made endless theories

He kept them from taking the step the greatly needed

I was that girl




Nothing to live for

no one to live with

no one to call my own

Counselling came up and Problems arose

The cracks deepened and the love broke

They broke up with me

I was devastated


I’m getting there

I’m seeing someone new now

He is more loving and accepting

and his friends Recovery and Self Worth are good influences

I still think of that special place-that tall bridge around the corner

but don’t worry I’m in good hands now

• Depressing Drawings • girl drawing • sad girl drawing



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