The End Of The Road

The final chapter in the journey of life


Image result for the end of the roadEverybody loves a good story or rather everybody  wants their life to be an epic story . Growing up as a child I always had a flare for the dramatics. I imagined my life as this epic biopic : a story of the under privileged child who fought through life’s struggles and made it all the way to the top. Now  that doesn’t sound all that original now does it ? and that’s because it isn’t . Its what the majority of us want from life , its what we teach our children to strive for :Bigger , Bolder and Better . Somehow , Somewhere along the lines of creation , someone thought that this plan was a brilliant idea . They thought this false idea of redemption will earn us all the joy and happiness in the world . The clever chap was true is one aspect , this so called redemption does lead to some illusion of happiness . See, the problem is that this gospel of fight through life and make it to the top misses the most important points. Its the three simple questions :Who will stay by my side in this fight ? When will I know that I have reached the end? And what will I do when I get there ?Many get to the destination and don’t know it so they keep fighting and fighting till their end  , others lose the core to their happiness (the people they love) in search for a infinite  source of bliss and the saddest of them all are the ones who are clueless about what to do when they get there because suddenly they have everything that they thought they wanted but it doesn’t wash them over with that feeling of conquest and euphoria instead it gives them a false sense of happiness then poof its all gone and the misery starts to kick in . They are miserable and sadly  they will remain miserable till their tragic  fateful demise. So , like I said our clever little chap was partially right , at one stage each of these men had happiness (even in its twisted form ) but it didn’t last forever and it certainly didn’t bring any peace or meaning to their lives .

Now, I wont forget that I was telling you a story . I did say that I was quite the dramatic child so I imagined that my story went a little further than normalcy . I imagined  the life of a hero where everything that lived and breathed , and kicked and turned revolved around me and only me .Let me start by saying I’m far from being a proud and narcissistic person but like I said I had a flare for the dramatics . I created a world in my head where everything  good that  happened had to be done by me or through me . Subconsciously, I was creating the image of me , the me that I wanted to be. Me the hero. That’s how I wanted my story to end . Super-girl.Every child eventually  grows up and so do their childish beliefs and so my Super-girl dream came to an end( I would have rather preferred super speed as a power than super strength). But , now lies a bigger question : How will this story that I live end ? How will your story end ? I’m as curious as they come and usually before I watch a movie I read all about the movie so I know how it ends or if I’m reading my favorite book , I skip to the last chapter . Do you want to know why ? Because the last chapter reveals who the characters really are . Usually in the movie is when the bad guy revels himself and tries to kill everyone or the part when the guy finally tells the girl he loves her . That’s how the story end , they die or ride off into the sunset so how is your story going to end ?How will you be remembered ? Often when I think of the end of my road its a sad one . Most likely alone , sad , miserable and with many unsaid “I love you “ s sand “I’m sorry” s . I imagine pain and regret on all the things I could have said and done . I am not one to dwindle on mistakes made but one and that is the mistake of not living. I regret not simply living . The end is near but there is still time to change this.

I know your out there reading , and if you’ve made it this far then this story is for you . Stop striving to reach pointless goals and start to live . Choose to love , choose to live and choose to be happy . If you want to attain redemption , the real true redemption then by all means go for it . If making it to the top is what you seek then do it responsibly . Just remember that the end is in sight and you will be remembered not by the beginning but the end .

Live the life that you wont regret and the life you want to be remembered for.

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  • This song can be taken both religiously and literally . You can take it however you see fit . For those wo are religious , know that he loves you and that he forgives and you can start afresh . For those who aren’t religious know that you can lay down your old chains and start again . Your one step from starting again and being happy.
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